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[Verse 1 Euro]
I couldn't have done it better, I couldn't have done this shit any other way
I made it now, only tryin' convince me to make it another day
Glad I could see another day
I do this shit for my squad, my home team, my family, fuck what another say
I'm here now, it's all clear now, somebody pour up
I'm eating good, y'all can't see my competition til I throw up
I'm tore up but I keep shit 100 that's from the toes up
Last night, it felt like I ran through 4 clubs, stood on the couch, and every single one them screaming out "Hoes down and bros up"
It's different when we show up, kicking doors up
I'm a young stunna, young Wayne, I'm Young Money I'm growed up
Like I'm new here but I'm nuclear, that's a bomb threat, mothafucka, watch how I blow up
I'm good, I'm reminded I'm good from time to time
I'm fine, I be spending time with the greatest of all-time all the time
And ever since I'm living life every night like it's '99
I'm way ahead of my time I think I was only 8 at that time
I rep them five letters forever
Would someone just tell the bartender to mix my drink while I mix my thoughts my business and pleasure?
I'm clever, long money all around me
I just hope that I live long enough, long enough to measure
We should take pictures sippin' Cristal in COOGI sweaters
And I'm still getting better, nigga, what's better?
They said I'd never do it, now I'm looking like, "Nigga, what's never?"
And now they run from us when they see us, boy, that money's pressure
Plaques on the wall of every building that I walk into
Phone taps cause they curious, careful what you talk into
Living the star life you never know who you'll run into
Like, baby I can change your life, just leave everything that you been through
And ride

[Hook Euro]
Long as my niggas right then we alright
Long as the women right then we alright
Long as the drinks on ice then we alright
Long as these private flights then we alright
Long as we living right then we alright
Long as it's high life then we alright
Cause I love it more than anything
Boy, it's money over everything, we been alright

[Verse 2 Birdman]
Yea, It's money over everything
We motivated, flying over everything
We make something out of nothing what up 5?
Bag full of every president that ever died
Yeah, spraying everything that's in the way
We eating over here extended clips, 50 plates
It's a lifestyle, stunna life everyday
A million ones, we can throw this shit a million ways
Young'un, if you're alright then we alright
Night life GTV popping every night
Fly rich in a different city, bright lights
With my niggas, rich gang and living high life
Yea, guns in the basement
Millions in the wall, GTV cases
If it's fuck em' then it's fuck em' all
Audemars and cigars in them new toys


[Verse 3 Lil Wayne]
Do this shit for rizzeal
Young Money, Rich Gang, ya heard me with big ears
You just a crocodile, I drink a full cup of his tears
Cant recognize you, nigga, like Santa cut off his beard
And Tunechi, he gon be alright, as long as he got his pills
Im higher than my bitch bills, stop crying about 'em, bitch, chill
I'm working on that Carter V, I got this bitch in fifth gear
I can't stand these niggas, I'ma lie down or sit still
Get tied down with that fucking steel at your eyebrow or your fucking grill
Catch you while you laid up, straight up, bunny ears
I shoot your fucking fade up, ratchets don't touch me
If that pussy smell like catfish salmon trout or guppies
I ain't trippin' over no ho, treat that ho like a servant
I know that ho better know, how to deep throat like a serpent
But loose lips sink ships, but I just let these hoes Worship
She t

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